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      Gravitas Ventures Takes U.S. On Asian Horror Pic ‘Motel Acacia’ – EFM

      Motel Acacia
      'Motel Acacia' Tokyo International Film Festival

      EXCLUSIVE: Gravitas Ventures has picked up U.S. distribution on Bradley Liew’s horror movie Motel Acacia after striking a deal with Berlin-based sales agent Picture Tree International.

      The English-language film is a co-production between five Asian nations – Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan (with Slovenia). It follows a young Filipino man who is groomed by his tyrannical Caucasian father to take over Motel Acacia, which is tasked with exterminating immigrants by the government.

      Liew?also wrote the screenplay with Bianca Balbuena and the pair produced.

      The movie premiered in Tokyo International Film Festival’s Asian Competition last year and is set for its European premiere at Brussels Fantastic Fest?in April.

      Gravitas has committed to giving it some theatrical play.

      This article was printed from http://www.sehuw.site/2020/02/gravitas-ventures-asian-horror-motel-acacia-efm-1202864142/